T3 Fitness

My name is Tommy Else...

I am an ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association) certified Personal Trainer.

As a "young veteran" I have over 15 years first hand experience in the world of fitness/nutrition.  Since 2005 T3 Fitness has helped everyday people achieve their health and fitness goals regardless of setbacks such as spinal and joint problems, as well as diabetics and those suffering from high blood pressure. Not only will I guide you on your path to your goal, but I will also educate you along the way. I instill proper form and lifting techniques in my clients as well as good diet and nutrition so that you may maintain your new healthy lifestyle.

I do not subscribe to any fad diets, only proper nutrition.



I offer one-on-one training sessions in the privacy of your very own home!

We start by performing a fitness evaluation to determine your current physical capabilities, take measurements, and discuss any medical issues that might be relevant. Based on the results of the evaluation, a workout/diet plan will be custom made for you, as well as a reasonable goal set within an agreed time frame.

The workouts are comprised of a combination of weighted, isometric, and aerobic activity. I stress variety in these workouts. This eliminates boredom and increases effectiveness by preventing your body from adapting to a workout routine and hitting a plateau. Making your time spent training as efficient, and productive as possible.

Do you have training equipment at home that just sits there? Whether it’s a lack of motivation, or knowledge of how to use it, together we will finally put it to use!

No equipment? No problem! All we need is a little floor space, and I'll provide the rest!

I close each training session with a full body stretch routine which limits soreness and promotes flexibility.

Most clients typically train with me 3 times a week or more.


Aside from private one-on-one training I also offer fitness & nutrition consultation.

For a flat rate I will compose a 60 day workout/diet program based on what means you have available to you, and specific to your goals. You would then track your workouts/diet activity, and report in to me once a week with what you've accomplished. I then advise you on any changes that may need to happen if any in your routine to make sure you are being productive.

Every 60 days I then put together a new routine for you to follow to mix things up and adjust for changing goals. This service is ideal for those who are able to work out / diet on their own, but need some guidance.


Sundays at the Western Springs Recreation Center at 1pm I offer a 1 hour group fitness class for $10. It's a class designed for all fitness levels. You can reserve your spot in the next class by visiting this link:

Group Class Sign Up


Kristin R: “Tommy is a great trainer. He is always on time and he never yells or gets angry! He also pushes without being too pushy. I recommend him to everyone I know that wants to either tone up or lose some weight.”

Dana W: “Tommy changed my life. Before I met him, I had 2 trainers - neither could get me to my ideal weight. They weren’t bad trainers, but they didn’t motivate me like Tommy did outside the gym. He told me you have to be strong and extremely disciplined for 2 months and I promise if you do what I say you'll be at your ideal weight. And he was right. Tommy organized a "Biggest Loser" contest for his clients. He was determined to have his team win which meant he was very strict - in a good way. Each week we had to weigh in, show our food diary, and eat only what was on his food list. Trust me, it was hard but he made me so determined and confident that we together could get to my ideal weight. After 2 months, I lost about 15 lbs and I was in the best shape of my adult life! Thank you Tommy!”

Sharrann S: “I have been working out with Tommy for over 1 year & he has taken me from a "couch potato" to fitness enthusiast. I have lost over 30 lbs. and can now do a 1 min. plank & 100 crunches with ease. My stamina and overall muscle tone have improved tremendously. For years, I have struggled with my knees, but I can now climb stairs and do other activities without pain. Being a "woman of a certain age", I really appreciate how Tommy adapts his training to each client and sets a challenging level without risking injury. I would highly recommend this dedicated and talented, fitness professional...!”

Kim R: “I always thought of myself as being in shape, but Tom took me to a whole new level. Tom was able to see my ability to continue to want challenges and molded our workouts to push me to my true potential. He is a wonderful trainer and I would highly recommend him to anyone that needs a customized workout from a true fitness professional.”

John D: “Tommy Else...from my experience as a client...the very best in his field. Highly skilled, patient, flexible, committed and successful. Beat that if you can athletic world!”

Angie L: “Tommy knows how to push you to your limit without putting you over the edge. He is going slow with me, but is still effective. I have no will power to exercise on my own or eat healthy, but he is incorporating little things slowly and it is working. Just by doing these little things, I am making better choices all around. I see how much Tommy cares about my well being and goals as well as others which pushes me to make better choices. I am still not perfect in my food choices, but I am always thinking about having to write it down. Who would have thought corn (a vegetable) had so many carbs???? Thanks for all you do !!!!”

John F: “I had the pleasure of having Tommy as my trainer several years ago. I can truly say he was FOCUSED on me, my habits (good or bad); he was encouraging, pushy, demanding, and intent upon me reaching the goals that were laid out. The goals were met and exceeded. New habits both in eating and workouts were created and to this day have been maintained. He's the man!”

Mary R: "Are you tired of not achieving your fitness goals? Are you as challenged as I am by not being able to maintain a fitness program year-round OR have the inability to keep your diet in-check? I consider myself pretty active and have had past gym memberships that included training advice. However, I just have never achieved my goals nor could I maintain a program consistently. I recently registered for a Tough Mudder competition and after attending one of these events, I wanted to be in better condition for myself and my team. I met Tommy through a family member. I am attending the weekly workout sessions at the Western Springs Rec Ctr and I am learning so many great and effective exercises. I am able to easily do these exercises at home as well and have seen some great results! In addition, Tommy is also providing advice on my diet. As I log my daily eating habits, Tommy is very good to provide feedback on the good….and the not-so good food as logged. Tommy has been great to work with. He challenges you to challenge yourself - - my biggest lesson is that I will achieve the results only by the efforts that I put into the workout / diet. Without Tommy’s advice and persistence, I do not think I would be as far as I am with my training for TM or feel as good about my results as I do right now. Tommy – thank you for all you do!!!!"